Tuesday, June 01, 2010

can we lick the spoon now?

New book!
I received my copies of Can We Lick The spoon Now? in the post today!
Written by Carol Goess, published by Working Title Press & illustrated by me.


E R I N said...

That is so incredibly cool!
Must be soooo good to see the finished product!


rachel awes said...

what an inspired idea
for a children's book!
it sounds & looks like
you are licking the spoon
of your very life!
enjoy it's sweet taste,
dear one! xox

Michelle said...

Congratulations - looks fantatstic :)

Michelle said...

Congratulations - looks fantatstic :)

miriam said...

when can I buy one
& where

Sue W said...

Beautiful, Tamsin.

Danielle McDonald said...

That's just too cute!I must get a copy for our new baby when it arrives! I love the thought of reading one of your books to them. It's funny how you feel a certain connection with people's blogs that you read, even though you don't actually know them personally! Anyway - CONGRATULATIONS it looks great!

Melissa Mackie said...

Maia absolutely loves this book. She pretty much knows it word for word and just about every night she will ask me to read Tam's book. Great Work!

Abigail said...

Wonderful work! I'm an editor with Tricycle Press in Berkeley, California. We're in imprint of Random House. I'd love to work with you sometime.

Abigail Samoun

Tania McCartney said...

It looks divine! I shall have to get my hands on a copy... Congrats!

Eigh Eff said...

i'll get copy when i have a baby already.

small catalogue said...

We borrowed this book from our local library today. My Daughter is smitten. With the story. But more so with the gorgeous see something new every time you look illustrations. Thank you so much!