Wednesday, January 17, 2007

wind up clown

Oil on board (tea box) 180mm x 90mm.


Diane Duda said...

very nice placement of the winder!
love this!

Marco Antonio SepĂșlveda said...

Muy entretenido.


Erin Neiner said...

This is exactly why I love the blogworld...I can read of some pretty cool stuff happening across the world! I just want to say I LOVE YOUR STUFF. I stumbled across you through delightful blogs and I ended up scrolling through each & every one of your drawings! My husband is an illustrator and I always LOVE watching him work. I love to doodle & put my hand at a drawing, but always seem to come a bit short! thanks for sharing. and I love your daughters name! very beautiful!

Gustavo Aimar said...

Hermosos trabajos. Un saludo!