Monday, May 01, 2006

little monday morning thoughts

It's hard rubbish week, this week around Paddington, and everyone is piling all their unwanted rubbish on the kerbside. It's amazing what some people call rubbish! We picked up a brilliant old wooden cupboard that was thrown out on the side - perfect for Nigel's workshop. We'll have to go for a drive around to see what other useful treasures are being disguised as rubbish.
Its going to be busy, busy, busy, this week, Nigel is working on his illustrations for Career FAQs, and doing some design stuff for Codewear. I'm working on my greeting card designs for John Simson, there are about 24 to do, so they will keep me busy for a while. I feel totally inspired at the moment with work, drawing, creative stuff - I even feel inspired in the kitchen at the moment.
Olympia is doing a crossword right now, filling up the boxes with random letters and numbers. and getting me to check if it's all correct. She is adorable.

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constance said...

this is nice. like the fish as well.