Saturday, April 22, 2006


I did this little postcard sized collage today of our family, it was so lovely to do. Olympia and I went to the art gallery today and they had masses of white lego and we built wonderful creations. There was so much white lego, it was great. Some of the kids were building some fantastic stuff. I think Olympia's favorite place is the art gallery and museum. She helped today with this picture of 'our family'. She drew some amazing things today, she sometimes sits next to me in the studio and copies what I am doing, it's lovely. She creates her own little illustrated journals, her pictures are amazing.


jocelyn said...

hello beautiful sister,
i think we have the most beautiful little family ever... i will send you some photos when i get my computer sorted. x x x

lynden said...

Oh Tam you are so clever. Please may I have a copy of this for my moving home situ so family can come with me, little so I can paste it into the car somewhere. All thes drawings are so good, love the Friday spots. You all look very complete tog and O so happy. xxxxxxxxxxxxx